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1991 H1 Hummer

Street Legal Military Hummer Humvee

Growing up, this was always a dream vehicle of mine! Now as an adult and owning her for about 3 years now, she’s definitely been everything I had hoped for! This thing gets attention any where you take her and when I say anywhere I mean there’s no place she won’t go 😬! Being stationed at a national reserve base there’s not a lot of miles or abuse it’s been put through. 1991 model, 6.5 diesel with only around 16k miles on her. She runs and drives great, 4×4 all works as it should, clean Tx title and completely street legal. There are a lot of these units being sold without titles from the government and are strictly off road use only, this is Not one of those units. Whether your looking to fulfill that childhood dream as I was or just lookin for a cool new toy, she’s definitely one that’s fun to have [...]

1941 GMC Short Bus

Rare Early Short School Bus

In all the old short school buses we’ve owned around the shop, this is the first 41 GMC that I’ve ever seen in a bus at all, not to mention a short bus at that! This ol’ girl was a rural route school bus that delivered students to a from school with the evidence of old writings on the wall from the kiddos! She’s complete with original 6 cylinder engine and manual transmission, not currently running. The inside hasn’t been cleaned out yet, but was gutted of all the seats besides the driver. It does have some rusty panels but they’re nearly all flat pieces that could be easily replaced. This would be killer on the ground with a Diesel engine transplant 😎 but the options are endless with the right imagination! Who wants to revive this old school girl where she can live again!? Feel free to contact us with any questions you might [...]

1952 Ford Short Bus

Rare 2 Window Short School Bus

Looking for a short school bus build!? This ones about as short as they come! This rare 2 Window 1952 Ford school bus is just itching to be built into the ultimate family hauler street rod. The bus has a very aggressive look with a 6” chop. It’s currently sitting on a newer Dodge frame with a fuel injected 360 v8 in it. She’s a project with the inside bare and body basically just setting on the frame, but definitely a hard piece to find and really solid sheet metal wise. Be the first in your neighborhood with this one of a kind shorty that will guarantee to turn heads! Feel free to contact us for any more info. Thanks and God bless!

1950s Divco Milk Truck

Early Milk Delivery Truck

Here you are looking at a very unique design in automotive history! If this ol’ girl could talk I’m sure she’d have some stories to tell!! Starting off her life in the early 50s this Divco delivery truck was used to transport milk in the small towns of Ohio. I love the look of these old vans with the very “cartoonish” front end as they’re hard to look at without smiling 🙂 This one is complete with original motor and transmission (inline 6 cylinder) not currently running. She does has some rusty issues down low as have most of the old divcos we’ve found. This one is priced to sell at $2500 and would most definitely make a sweet street rod or food delivery truck, the possibilities are endless!! Feel free to contact us with any questions, thanks and God bless!

1947 International IH Metro

Early Tall Grill Metro Van

With custom built delivery trucks on the rise, we have people contact us all the time looking for these old milk trucks! This is an earlier more rare tall grill version that we are currently offering up for sale. She’s a 1947 International Metro Van, this is the medium length version with a short wheel base of 115”. It is complete with original flat head 6 cylinder engine and manual transmission. It’s not currently running, but looks to be all there and has potential that it could. It does have some rust through down low in some spots, mainly around the rear of the van as seen in pics. This is an earlier version of the van you seen us build on the show we call the Mighty Metro. It would be a great start to a fun and different winter project! Feel free to contact us for any extra info. Thanks and God bless!

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