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We’re pleased to bring you this one off custom 1951 Ford F1, driven an built by Jason Hicks. You hear this thing before you see it, whether it be scraping the pavement or the fuel being pushed through open header exhaust to send this thing down the road! What started as a 51 Ford F1 truck cab has turned into this monster! Jason stated that he built the truck in his garage, hours of labor and love, turned into a year and a half build. The truck had a lot of previous rust along the bottom, so Jason sectioned off around 6″ to allow it to set lower on the ground. With that being said, the 5 1/2″ chop top was a next must to continue to lower the altitude on this thing. The body was then channeled 3″ over a full custom frame, featuring air ride on an independent suspension, allowing the sheet metal to completely scrape the pavement and collect road reflectors if needed!

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