Episode 6: Light It Up

Episode Details

Next on Turnin Rust, Lance receives word to the where abouts of 3 possible vehicles. Being left behind with lots of memories, a family decides its time to turn loose of their late fathers resting rides in hopes to see them on the road again.

While closing the deal, they find out some ignited information that would lead up to a living legacy for “Fireball Floyd”

Directing their attention to revive the heartbeat of the 62 fleetside c10, rubber hits the road as this 500 big block Cadillac roars again.

And what says Cadillac more than the king of all fins! Between busted knuckles and bad timing, heavenly gears align with the purchase of a highly sought after 59 Cadillac.

Back at the shop, things get heated as they alter the attitude on this one of a kind ruckus raising shop truck. After all, nothing screams fab shop more than a fireball breathing hot rod!

Follow along as the guys press through obstacles and dilemmas in hopes to honor the former passions of Fireball Floyd. Giving hope to another while serving God and building rods, here at Turnin Rust.

This ones for you Floyd! LIGHT IT UP!!! ????????????

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