Episode 7: Who Ya Gonna Call Part 1

Next on Turnin Rust, tension gets high while time runs low as the guys set out to build their first official car show entry set to debut at the annual LoneStar Throwdown!

Have they bitten off more than they can chew or will this be a victory mark for the coolest diesel burning ghost busting vehicle to hit the streets. Pressure is on, Who ya gonna call!?

Next on Turnin Rust, Lance receives word to the where abouts of 3 possible vehicles. Being left behind with lots of memories, a family decides its time to turn loose of their late fathers resting rides in hopes to see them on the road again.

While closing the deal, they find out some ignited information that would lead up to a living legacy for “Fireball Floyd”

Directing their attention to revive the heartbeat of the 62 fleetside c10, rubber hits the road as this 500 big block Cadillac roars again.

And what says Cadillac more than the king of all fins! Between busted knuckles and bad timing, heavenly gears align with the purchase of a highly sought after 59 Cadillac.

Back at the shop, things get heated as they alter the attitude on this one of a kind ruckus raising shop truck. After all, nothing screams fab shop more than a fireball breathing hot rod!


Next on Turnin Rust, The guys kindle an old flame with a 1955 Chevy Pickup. Having high hopes to finding it new home, they dress it up with a little Turnin Rust appeal to to seal the deal.

Back at the shop, wrenches are turning to get the 1954 retro metro alive and on the road again. At the request from the new Denmark owners, this former forgotten yard art, would be transformed into a pin up picture of patina perfection.

Out on the prowl of small east Texas towns they cross lines with a 1962 Chevy stepside c10. Tracking down the owner they’re able to catch up on the history of this untouched all original work horse. Will this purchase be a success or are they just spinning their wheels.

Following some questionable directions, past memories are sparked as Lance gets a lead on a 63 GMC Short Bus thats just too old school [...]

Operation Metro build is in full throttle as the guys lower the altitude on a 1954 International Metro van! Follow along as they design and fabricate the custom frame work, allowing this belly scraping roadkill recovery vehicle to live again!

Join in with the crew at Turnin Rust as they initiate Operation Mighty Metro build, a 1954 International Metro van they recently sold to a client out of Ireland. In the meantime they get a call on another 1954 International metro van, that’s a little bit too close to home to walk away from. While finding vehicles in their back yard, Wesley boards a plane to fly across the U.S.. Landing in the COLD weather state of New York, he gets to dig through the snow and find a 1960 Compact COE cab Lance had recently purchased from a gooood hot rod buddy. While continuing the build on the slammed Metro, they track down the owner of LS Powered 1959 big back window Apache that’s nothing less than patina perfect. Follow along as they continue their quest of saving rusty relics. Giving the past a future, while serving God and building rods! Here at Turnin [...]

Hop along as Lance & Wyatt try to figure out what is stopping the 1960 Chevy Apache from hitting the highway, in the meantime Lance gets a call about a 1958 Apache, that would turn into a pretty good buy.

Small town business owners Wyatt and Lance Bush, team together to form Kravened Kustoms. A father and son duo scavenging the web along with the north east texas woods in search of rusty relics.

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